X-Factor Displays

Asia Pacific’s Leading Displays & Activations Company

We create engaging, impactful displays & activations that your customers will remember

X-Factor is Asia Pacific’s leader in Displays & Activations. With over 30 years of experience and over 10,000 units installed, our speed to market, quality, innovation and consistency is of global standards. Headed by General Manager, Andy Mills, Greater Group’s specialist division looks to capitalise on his extensive experience while providing the global logistics framework and procurement capabilities that Greater Group has become renowned for.

Our ability to create unique, innovative and engaging pop up designs is critical to todays evolving consumer needs. At X-Factor, we have invested countless hours into studying the needs of retail consumers, applying this knowledge and research into our activations and creating captivating spaces that reflect and protect your brand, meet your commercial KPI’s and leave a lasting memory for your customer.

X-Factor are industry renowned for quality & delivery. With over 30 years’ experience X-Factor MANAGE THE RISK for your brand by maintaining control, tailoring & managing the solution from end to end.